The Purpose of A.I

Machine Learning Revolution

By Machine Learning Revolution It Could Transform Your Business.

Deep Learning Reality

Machine Learning Methods Based On Learning Data Representations.

The Neural Networks

A Nueral Network Modelled On The Human Brain And Nervous System.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence has been defined in many ways, but we define it as “intelligent behavior manifested by computer system”. Thus, a system capable of mimicking human intelligence is artificially intelligent. Inference performed on any kind of data, be it visual, auditorial or any other form and decision making are some of the examples.

How is Convsys different from other companies?

Unlike most companies we walk our customers through every step of their journey and provide them with a fully customized service to maximize their success. We do not stop at providing an-out-of-the-box solution, we help you monitor, manage and evaluate the results.

What can AI do for my business?

There is plethora of applications of Artificial Intelligence for business, from powering infrastructure , to providing surveillance security, to reducing energy usage, to understanding of intentions and behaviors. AI can help you accelerate ratings, predicting market, performing risk assessments in companies supply chain and forecasting demand of a product to a optimal group of customers. AI can play the role of an ideal employee who will work non untiringly and like an expert.

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Our Team

The CONVSYS team comes with a rich experience spreading over several years in respective areas with the enthusiasm and drive to achieve customer targets as per each individual project plan..

Convsys Founders

Saad Siddiqi
MD & Chairman
Engr. Fawad Salam Khan
Director & CEO
Dr. Humayun
Director Technical & CTO

The Team

Talha Farid
Head Cyber Security
Muhammad Asad
Solution Manager
Engr. Danial Khan
Design Engineer
Engr. Mehshan
Design Engineer