1. Smart Surveillance

CCTV cameras used for surveillance merely provide a recording or live feed of the surroundings. It proves helpful when you have to carry out the post-mortem of an event or keep an eye out for something. The problem: they are not 'smart'. However, a startup now wants to shake things up by making these dumb CCTVs more proactive.

Our value proposition is to perform advanced AI algorithms and run the computer vision at the edge and send important information or alerts. We have optimized vision software to run on SoC Devices that power IoT Devices enabling smarter vision.

This sums up the magical vision capabilities that our solution provides to cameras. On the Geeky-side, Uncanny is also related to an older classical vision algorithm called "Canny Edge Detection". To indicate that we are moving beyond classical computer vision, exploring new frontiers in vision using deep learning and AI techniques.

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