5. Self Driving Cars

Self-driving cars have been a dream as long automobiles have existed. The automobile is ubiquitous in the developed world and is becoming so in the developing world. In 2007, the world's two largest automakers sold over 18 million vehicles worldwide. As we consider domains to which we can apply intelligent systems, the automotive industry stands out as having the most potential for impact. Self-driving cars hold out the promise of being safer than manually driven cars. Yet they cannot be a 100 % safe. Collisions are sometimes unavoidable. So self-driving cars need to be programmed for how they should respond to scenarios where collisions are highly likely or unavoidable.

The development of self-driving cars or autonomous vehicles has progressed at an unanticipated pace. Ironically, the driver or the driver-vehicle interaction is a largely neglected factor in the development of enabling technologies for autonomous vehicles. .

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