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What We Do?


With the Technology taking a lead in supporting Organisational strategic objectives, AI is at the forefront of this strategic shift with providing computing power capable of intelligent thinking and decision making. AI Solutions designed and developed by CONVSYS, both off the shelf and customized, will provide end to end solution for organizational challenges with deployment of latest technologies and creating competitive advantage for customers in the most cost optimum way.

Web & Mobile Development

CONVSYS has the best expert design and development engineers who can carve out an excellent high quality design, deployment and maintain web and mobile applications as per customers specific requirements. This will involve converting an existing idea to actual deployment or creating a completely new solutions to cater for bringing an idea into reality.

Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber Security or Information Technology security are fundamental pillars in today's high tech driven business environment for safeguarding an organisation assets, data and resources. CONVSYS has high caliber expertise in designing and implementing cyber security strategy, systems and cutting edge technologies to provide customers with best defenses against external threats on any organisation's potential vulnerabilities.

Who We Are?

CONVSYS is a collaboration of foreign and local expertise to provide hi-tech state of the art service offerings to business partners / customers utilizing the automation potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Web & Mobile app design technologies.

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Convsys Founder

Engr. Fawad Salam Khan

Director & CEO

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Dr Humayun Irshad

Chief Technical Advisor

Waqas Siddiqi

Managment Advisor

Dr. Inam Abbasi

Technical Advisor